DFLers file Newman ethics complaint

Three DFL senators have sent a letter to Senate president Michelle Fischbach, asking the Senate Rules Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct to investigate Republican Scott Newman, of Hutchinson.

They allege he rebuffed a meeting request — via his legislative aide — from the Minnesota Nurses Association, citing what his office believed to be support for his opponent in the November election.

Newman earlier this week apologized, called it was a misunderstanding and said that politics don’t decide his meeting schedule.

But Sandy Pappas, Scott Dibble and Kenneth Kelash want a formal investigation.

“Let’s see,” said Pappas in an interview. “Let’s let the ethics committee do a thorough investigation and see if anyone else comes forward, to bring them in under oath and talk about if this was office procedure. Are there other people doing this? Is he alone? Is he not giving his brand new (legislative assistant) proper instructions? Let’s find out.”

The state Republican party called the complaint politically motivated and frivilous. Newman wasn’t available to respond to the letter this afternoon. Here it is.

Ethics Subcommittee Letter

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