Dayton wants a weekly radio show

Governor Mark Dayton says he wants to continue the tradition of holding a weekly radio show. Dayton told reporters last night that he would like to host a weekly radio program but said the state has to go through an open bidding process before he goes on the air. Dayton said he can’t wait to host a program but said it a question of which station and ensuring every station has the right to compete for the show.

“We have to through an open, competitive bidding process. I understood it took until February for get Governor Pawlenty on the air. I wish I could be on the air somewhere tomorrow but we’re going through the proper procedures through the Department of Administration.”

Former Governor Jesse Ventura started the show in 1999 and it was continued by Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty. WCCO aired both of those programs but gave up full editorial control to do so.

Members of the Legislature criticized both Ventura, Pawlenty and WCCO for airing a program that they characterized an hour of unfiltered airtime. Democrats also said Pawlenty’s show turned too partisan.

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