Bachmann’s office comments on presidential run

Here’s a statement from Doug Sachtleben, spokesman for Rep. Michele Bachmann:

“Congresswoman Bachmann is not taking anything off the table concerning the future, but her focus is on serving the people of Minnesota’s sixth district. She’s also taking opportunities to travel and to spread the message that the country cannot have another four years of President Obama. She is committed to defeating the President and his policies, and has been encouraged by people all across the country to speak out against them. That’s what she’s been doing, and will do in Iowa when she speaks to Iowans for Tax Reform in Des Moines on January 21st, and will continue to do as other opportunities arise.”

And the office also sent along a quote from Bachmann:

“We need to repeal ObamaCare and we cannot do that until we repeal Obama. The voters repealed Nancy Pelosi in November and I am doing everything I can to make sure we repeal President Obama and Harry Reid in 2012.”

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Bachmann, like most Republicans, would rather see people dead in the streets than allow all Americans access to adequate health care.