Bachmann talks 2012 and Congress

Bachmann talks 2012 and Congress

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on MPR’s Morning Edition this morning to talk about her possible run for the White House in 2012. Bachmann wouldn’t say directly if she’s running for president. Instead, she said she wants to focus “on the greater agenda” for the nation.

Bachmann also discussed legislation that would repeal the health care law and the Wall St. regulations.

You can listen to the full interview here:

  • Ingrid Morgan

    I would strongly suggest Bachmann should not run for president! She would be an embarrassment to the country. She compares the U.S. to countries like Ireland and Greece–does she not know how small they are? If our deficit is no larger than theirs then we are in good shape (not that I am belittling the financial crisis).

    I would prefer Obama ten times over ANY of the Republican candidates because he really cares for the people and is trying to do the best under the circumstances. And his job is made so much harder by the opposition who mess things up for him everyway they can.

  • Susan Rego

    “…holding town hall meetings…”

    Rep. Bachmann has not led one face-to-face town hall meeting in her four years as my member of Congress. Will there be a follow-up debunking her lies in this interview?