A few start running for RNC Committee slots

It only took a matter of hours before names started popping up to replace Evie Axdahl and Brian Sullvan as RNC Committeeman and RNC Committeewoman.

Tom Emmer, a former state lawmaker and candidate for governor, issued a news release saying he’ll be running for the position.

“I want to continue to build on our Party’s successes in 2010 so I am announcing my plan to run for National Committeeman for the Republican Party of Minnesota. 2012 offers the same historic opportunity of 2010 if we help our eventual Republican presidential nominee to a win in Minnesota for the first time since 1972. We will also have to battle for control of both chambers of the legislature under a new redistricting map and we need to build on our success in the Congressional races and elect a new Republican U.S. Senator. We have quite the task ahead of us in the coming months and I would like to play a role in ensuring that our Party continues to succeed,” said in a written statement.

Ben Golnik, a political operative and former executive director for the Minnesota Republican Party, also announced a run to supporters. He stressed his role as Emmer’s recount director and the lead political consultant for the Senate Republican Caucus (which took control of the Senate for the first time in nearly forty years).

“I am running for this position because I believe we need a strong Party as we face the important 2012 election an election when our Party will need to be united to defeat liberals Amy Klobuchar and Barack Obama.

Many of you have expressed your thoughts to me regarding the role of the National Committeeman. I have heard your comments about the need for the Committeeman to be engaged at the grassroots level and serve as the eyes and ears of the grassroots at the State Party Executive Committee. In addition, you have told me we need the Committeeman to advocate strongly on behalf of our State Party and candidates to those in power at the Republican National Committee. I believe my skill set provides the background and experience to perform these duties effectively on your behalf.”

Meanwhile, former State Auditor Pat Anderson and long time GOP activist Mary Igo both announced on Twitter that they’re running to replace Evie Axdahl.

Update: Janet Beihoffer is also running for the position. Beihoffer, a former Chair in CD2, sent out an e-mail to supporters announcing her run. In it, she said cited GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack’s recent praise of her and her belief that there needs to be “difference makers” in the party.

“The role of a National Committeeman or woman is changing. It can no longer be a ceremonial position, a reward for party loyalty or a bench for once-and-future candidates for office. The RNC is the body that makes our National Party run, a body that can propel us to victory or mire us in ineffectiveness, a group that can make a difference. We need to repopulate the RNC with proven “Difference Makers.” With your support, I truly believe that after the next elections we will once again hear people say, “You made the difference.”

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