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Democrat Mark Dayton begins the formal transition to the governor’s office today. He’s scheduled to meet with Governor Pawlenty today and will hold a news conference with Pawlenty today.

For Dayton, the hard part begins. He has to come up with a way to balance a $6.2 billion budget deficit and restore confidence in a public worried about the economy. An adviser and long-time friend told MPR News that he’s confident Dayton has the “guts” to do it. Another, who now works for the MN Chamber, says Dayton’s retailing family instincts will show he’ll work to get great value out of every tax dollar.

Charlie Weaver, the head of the Minnesota Business Partnership, wrote an op-ed calling on Dayton and the Legislature to start working with the business community to start working on shared goals.

The Star Tribune says Dayton’s style will be different than current Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

On Wednesday Dayton reached out to the GOP on budget issues.

Dayton says he’ll start assembling his administration in the coming days. Dayton says he’ll hire his Chief of Staff in the next day or so.

Here’s some video of Dayton’s victory speech.

The State Canvassing Board certified the election on Wednesday.

Emmer conceded the race to Dayton from his home in Delano. You can listen to Emmer’s concession speech here.


Emmer decided to waive the recount so Dayton could get the election certificate signed. It means the historical record will show the Nov. 2nd night totals not the recount totals.

Under the Dome

House DFL leadership will announce some staff changes today. DFL House Minority Leader Paul Thissen is expected to announce Carrie Lucking and Zach Rodvold, who worked for Tarryl Clark’s unsuccessful campaign for Congress, will join the staff. Andrew Wittenborg and Sean Rahn have been let go.

Gov. Pawlenty says more schools are joining Q-Comp, the state’s merit pay program for teachers.


The House passed the DREAM Act but it appears doomed in the Senate.

Senate leaders are set to begin the debate on the tax cuts.

DFL Sen. Al Franken is unhappy with the tax deal.

Medtronic gets a U.S. subpoena on a brain stimulator.

Despite the campaign rhetoric, the GOP is hiring lobbyists as staffers.

GOP Rep. John Kline says his top priority is jobs. Kline is he incoming chair of the House Education and Labor Workforce Committee.

Party Politics

MN Progressive Project says they’re hearing DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez won’t seek another term. The blogger doesn’t say whether he contacted Melendez on the matter.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

A poll in Minnesota shows President Obama leading all possible 2012 GOP candidates. Pawlenty’s approval ratings are at 43%. Romney fares better against Obama than Pawlenty does.

Pawlenty and other 2012 hopefuls line up against a nuclear treaty that President Obama is backing.

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