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Minnesota’s race for governor is coming to an end. Several news outlets, including MPR News, report that Republican Tom Emmer will concede the governor’s race to Democrat Mark Dayton this morning. Emmer will make the announcement at his home in Delano at 10:30. MPR News will air the announcement live.

The move means Mark Dayton will be the first Democrat elected governor of Minnesota since 1986. His campaign spokeswoman said late Tuesday that they had little to say about Emmer’s announcement. Dayton is likely to hold a news conference later today. MPR will also air that news conference live.

Expect Dayton to ramp up the transition team even more in the coming weeks. He can now hire personnel, make appointments and start crafting his budget plan to erase a $6.2 billion budget deficit. It also means Minnesota will enroll in Medical Assistance. Dayton has until January 15th to signal that he will enroll in the federal health program. Republicans, including Emmer and Governor Pawlenty, opposed it. Dayton supported it.

Emmer’s announcement comes after the Minnesota Supreme Court effectively knocked out his only path to power. The court issued its opinion on Tuesday outlining why it rejected Emmer’s petition to require county election officials to reconcile the number of ballots with the numbers signed in on Election Day. The court said there are several ways elections officials can reconcile the issue. Here’s the opinion.

The State Canvassing Board meets today to start reviewing the contested ballots in the race for governor. KSTP, which broke the story, reports that Emmer’s team will withdraw every one of its challenges at the meeting.

Emmer’s decision also comes one day after more than two thirds of those polled say Emmer should concede in the race.

Under the Dome

GOP Sen.-elect Michelle Benson of Ham Lake is pregnant and due in April.


President Obama defends the tax cut deal with the GOP.

The New York Times says the deal is a backdoor stimulus plan for Obama.

Minneota’s delegation has a mixed reaction to the deal. Democrats like DFL Rep. Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison, don’t like the tax cuts for the rich. Republicans, like GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, don’t like the unemployment benefits extension.

The Supreme Court agrees to hear a greenhouse gas case that was brought by Xcel Energy and other utilities.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants to speed up the delisting of the gray wolf in Minnesota.

Kline will be elected to the House Education and Labor Committee today. He will be the only member of Minnesota’s delegation to hold a gavel. Kline talked with the Pi Press about his priorities for business and education.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and Kline wrote a letter to President Obama saying he didn’t say God enough.


Public Policy Polling says DFL Sen. Klobuchar is well ahead of possible GOP challengers.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Governor Pawlenty will make an education related announcement at 9am at the State Capitol.


Good-bye Elizabeth Edwards.