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Any thought that The State Canvassing Board would have to view thousands of ballots was changed on Saturday. That’s when attorneys for Republican Tom Emmer withdrew all but 24 frivolous ballot challenges in Hennepin County.

The State Canvassing Board allowed the Emmer campaign was allowed to review the so-called frivolously challenged ballots because the State Canvassing Board granted the Emmer request but warned of penalities if the campaign presented weak challenges to the board.

Emmer reasserted his control over the recount process on Friday. He said he would withdraw many of the ballots. He also said he’s waiting for a Supreme Court opinion and an update to the Statewide Voter Registration System. Watch video of his newser here.

Delegates at the MNGOP State Central Committee meeting voted to penalize 18 Republicans who publicly supported the IP’s Tom Horner.

The faithful urge Democrat Mark Dayton to erase the income and racial gaps in the state (if he’s elected).

MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton says he isn’t sure if he’ll run for party chair again.

DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez is under fire (subscription required).

Under the Dome

MPR says opponents of same-sex marriage say the time is right for an amendment banning gay marriage.

The Pi Press says Republicans hope to change Minnesota’s election law.


A deal on extending the Bush tax cuts appears close.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison says the GOP’s stance on tax cuts and the deficit is “dumb.”

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says the GOP leadership faces an “insurrection” if they don’t push the health care repeal.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Pawlenty starts fighting any suggestion that he was a goalie during his time in office. The only problem, as Politico points out and everyone Capitol reporter knows, Pawlenty said it for years.

Editorials like Lori Sturdevant’s latest don’t help Pawlenty’s talking point of ending his term with a surplus.

Pawlenty poured cash in Iowa.

Newt Gingrich is inclined to run in 2012.

Politico says Mike Huckabee also wants some respect.

  • Chris

    Editorials like Lori Sturdevant’s latest don’t help Pawlenty’s talking point of ending his term with a surplus.

    Neither would Pawlenty’s talking point (from 2003-2006) about “inheriting” a $4.5 billion deficit from Ventura. I’m really surprised more reporters haven’t brought that up, since it seems like such an obvious contrast to make.