More than 2/3rds think Emmer should quit

A new poll by Public Policy Polling say 68% of those polled think Democrat Mark Dayton was the rightful winner in Minnesota’s race for governor. The same number also think Republican Tom Emmer should quit the race.

The protracted fight over who won the Governor’s race isn’t doing Emmer’s image any favors. 49% of voters in the state have an unfavorable opinion of him to only 37% with a positive one. It’s no surprise that Democrats are pretty universally negative toward Emmer, giving him a 4/86 favorability rating. But independents are overwhelmingly negative as well with only 30% saying they have a positive opinion of him.

“Tom Emmer is likely hurting his future political prospects by drawing out the race for Governor,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Voters in the state, including many who voted for him, think that Mark Dayton was the rightful winner of the election.”

The poll comes just one day before the State Canvassing Board meets to review any disputed ballots that were flagged by the campaigns during the recount. Emmer says he wants to let the process take it’s course. He is also waiting for an updated Statewide Voter Registration System and a MN Supreme Court opinion on why his petition to match the number of ballots with the number of signatures on the Election Night roster.

You can read the full results here.

There’s a bit more political catnip coming tomorrow. PPP says it will release a poll looking at the 2012 Senate race.

  • Patrick from Anoka

    How many people thought Franken should quit, before the recount started?

  • Royce Shupe

    @ Patrick,

    One would hope far less than 68% given that that election was decided by a razer thin margin, in which a victory for each candidate was statistically possible. Emmer has no statistical chance at victory. PERIOD.