McCollum opposed to tax cut deal

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum says she’s opposed to a deal that would extend the Bush tax cuts for top earners. President Obama and Republicans reached a deal to extend the Bush tax cuts for two more years. The deal also includes an extension of unemployment benefits.

McCollum says she’s opposed to the deal because it extends the tax cuts for the top income earners and would increase the deficit by $900 billion.

“This is a deal that will continue to explode the deficit while the rich get richer and struggling middle class families get crumbs. The Republicans successfully held unemployed Americans hostage to give even more tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. This plan is irresponsible, and I will oppose it.”

  • Doris Braley

    Thanks so much for standing up for us. I am glad you are my Representative.

    Thanks much Doris

  • Mary Kaye Carlson

    Thank you, Betty! I am also glad that you are my representative! This should not happen without some resistance. You lead the protest. We will be there!

  • Tom Lehman

    Stand strong, Betty. I have written both our Senators asking that they too oppose this legislation. This is an insult to the American public. Do not give in on this.

  • Arlene Mencke

    I support you totally. Tax cuts for the rich when the deficit is soaring is irresponsible. This is another case of the middle class getting screwed. It’s time for the rich to pay their fair share. And, send the Republicans a message: they’re not running the country.

  • Rich Passmore

    Thank you, you don’t know how angry this compromise of President Obama’s has made me. I too have contacted both MN senators to express my frustration.

  • Gary Carlson

    A return to the former tax rates for everyone makes a lot of good sense to me. I’ve been in finance all me life at a senior level and agree with your stand. My support continues strong. Gary Carlson

  • ryana

    You may have gotten my vote for 2012

  • Let’s see feed the rich and starve the poor. HHMM who will be around in the days to come? The well fed healthy people who become the superior race. Sound familiar? Tear down the walls, Mr.

  • John Munger

    I totally support opposition to the so-called “compromise. The Republicans are thieving hypocricatical bastards but that’s no good reason to capitulate to their greedy self-serving blackmail.

  • Bonnie

    Time to stand up to the bullies! Thank you, Betty. You represent my family’s views and values very well.

  • Mark Anderson

    I would rather see all the tax cuts expire if they can not be extended for only those who are middle class or less. It should be obvious by now that the tax cuts have not stimulated the economy but have added greatly to the deficit. Spending stimulates the economy. The money must go to those who will spend it on goods and services or it will be of no effect..

    Unemployment benefits must be extended. The idea that people are living off these benefits rather than finding work is always offered by those who have never needed unemployment and couldn’t live off it if they had to.

  • Tom Dosch

    Thank you! If it comes to my paying higher taxes

    I will be willing. If it means the hundred of thousands of Paris Hiltons start paying their fair share. The adult children of the very rich create no new jobs and pay too little taxes. I hope you can get enough votes to block this sell out.

  • Sue Wheeler

    Thank you for your stand, Betty! I have written to both of our senators, asking them to stand up too. I just can’t comprehend this proposed “compromise” – it is wrong on so many levels!

  • Bonnie Wilson

    Way to go, Betty! I am so glad I am in your district. At least I have someone to speak up for my views. I think all the Bush tax cuts should be abolished and we get back to working for our country’s benefit, not our own.

  • Carol Kusnierek

    I too am dismayed and appalled at this compromise, under which the rich get richer and the unemployed and working poor get thrown under the bus. KfFAI reported this morning that eliminating the “Making Work Pay” tax credit is part of the proposal. This credit impacts huge numbers of minimum and low-wage workers. Even though I am currently one of the unemployed and welcome the extension of benefits, I oppose this unjust ” deal.”

  • Estelle Jones

    I think it is another slap in the face and disrespect to the people receiving social security who have earned their rights to receive it. The rich get a tax cut and the people on social security are facing another 3rd year of no cost of living increase. How can the President even think of doing such a thing to those who he promised to do more for during his election. I would have not voted at all if I new he was going to stop the COLA increase for retired seniors. The rich get richer and the poor get poor. It does not appear the President has any interest in helping seniors. Even the health care programs are not helping. Each year our suppelment health insurance goes up and co pays and they do not consider how that effects the cost of living for us seniors. How can I get this message to the President???? He needs to hear about this and if he does I want to no what he has to say…..And has Betty McCollum ever address this issue, I would like to know this also. Estelle Jones of Minnesota.

  • Kay Rossez

    Way to go Betty, keep up the fight.

    Stay the course.

  • Sharon Murphy

    Thank You! Please, Please do anything you can to stop this irresponsible so called compromise.

    I am depressed, disgusted angry and very worried.

  • Edward Baxter

    Once again, Representative McCollum, one might say, takes a stand because she can do no other. Most of the time, we justifiably favor dialogue and compromise in our governors, but there are points when the issue at hand goes well beyond the boundaries of politics and into the realms of morality and social justice. This is one of them. For thirty years, the Juggurnaut of Hereditary Oligarchy has been rolling along power’s path over the corpses of the voiceless poor. As the November elections showed , a sadly large number of Americans still delusively think they’re driving the monster or at least have an opportunity eventually to drive it when in fact they’re doomed to pull it over themselves to their own destruction. I fear that in a few weeks we’ll begin to see a truly crushing acceleration which, alas, may prove unstoppable. I thank Betty McCollum for taking her stand and offering hope that my fear may turn out to have been been insubstantial.

  • Lyle Steinfeldt

    Betty, Thank you for beine one of the first to oppose this proposed compromise. If it goes through I wonder if the payroll tax deduction will become a bargaining chip for something else next year. Put the brakes on this compromise.

  • Barbara Nelson

    Dear Representative McCollum,

    Thank you for your courage in taking a stand against this deal with the devil.

  • Daniel Buchen

    Thank you Rep McCollum for opposing this outrageous surrender. If this type of submissive behavior is the case while Democrats still have the majority in Congress, what can we expect in the next two years ? Please continue to stand strong for the people you represent.

  • Jane

    Yes,yes. Now “the media etc.” is using the process of rejection of the compromise to another win/lose sports event showing divisions within the Democrats. Certainly, tMetc is not looking at the Zeros rigidity in their ‘fighting stance”, while belittling Demos for having one.

    Or they will label opposition as extremist (bad) to secure the sacredness of the middle road, middle class, moderate,status quo of the “center-right” position (good) as if any opposition is a lack of real politik and nuts.

    I had hoped that Obama had shared a strategy with the House which was to use this tactic to emphasize the naysayer Republicans and embarass them for their priorities, and that he expects the House to oppose the “compromise” with gusto. But what is this “this way or no way’ stand of the WH?

    Betty, keep the representative way you have taken, and make the caucus surprise the pundits for choosing to “compromise” on a better deal. Nothing wrong with the public seeing the House take its appropriate role in changing the pathway, an ally of the WH but a separated force for check +balance, and do what must be done to prevail.

  • I knew the Dems would block it, and Obama knew it too. It was all strategy! Obama knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it better than anybody, he’s smarter better and more awesome than any other president ever!

  • Joe Ferrer

    Thanks Betty for being one of the few voices standing up so strongly against the compromises brought on by Republican extremism. It is good to have a voice of reason among all the shouting. It is morally reprehensible to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while the middle class suffers from wage freezes, plummeting home values, tuition hikes and disappearing pensions.