House DFL picks committee leads

Democrats in the Minnesota House have submitted their requests for each committee.

Many of the leads chaired the committees before the DFL lost the majority in November.

The makeup of the committee structure is considered by incoming GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers but I’m told Zellers won’t make many, if any, changes to the requests by the DFL.

Here’s the list that was released by DFL Minority Leader Paul Thissen’s office:

Environment & Energy: Rep. Wagenius (Environment) & Rep. Hilty (Energy)

Education Reform: Rep. Mariani

State Government: Rep. Kahn

Judiciary: Rep. Johnson

Property Taxes: Rep. Marquardt

Ways & Means: Rep. Carlson

Taxes: Rep. Lenczewski

Government Operations: Rep. Nelson

Public Safety: Rep. Mullery

Agriculture: Rep. Eken

Civil Law: Rep. Lesch

Transportation: Rep. Hornstein

Veterans: Rep. Koenen

Jobs & Economic Development: Rep. Clark (Housing) & Rep. Mahoney (Jobs)

HHS Finance: Rep. Huntley

K-12 Finance: Rep. Greiling

Higher Education: Rep. Rukavina

Commerce: Rep. Atkins

Capital Investment: Rep. Hausman

HHS Reform: Rep. Liebling

Legacy: Rep. Dill

Rules: Rep. Pelowski

Redistricting: Rep. Mary Murphy

  • Annie G.

    The list I saw had Erin Murphy, not Mary Murphy, as the DFL lead for redistricting. Can you double check this?

  • Jesse D.

    I’m glad to see Rep. Rukavina is staying on Higher Education. Much work to be done there. I see him as the DFLs only real fighter.

  • Chris

    I was going to comment on that too. It looks like Erin Murphy and Steve Simon are both getting nothing in terms of leadership positions this session, after putting their names in the running for Majority Leader (back when the assumption was the DFL would control the House after the election).

    Of course, if Murphy did get redistricting, then I guess that’s something.

  • Tom Scheck

    An initial post said Erin Murphy was gong to chair redistricting but the House DFL corrected the news release.