Franken votes for tax cut package

After saying he was unhappy about a deal that would extend the Bush era tax cuts for another two years, DFL Sen. Al Franken voted to move the bill closer to a full vote.

Here’s a release Franken sent out after the vote become clear:

“I don’t like extending the excessive Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, I don’t like the explosion in the deficit it will create, and I don’t like how the President made this deal. But I would hate even more to see Minnesota families get hurt.

“There’s a lot in here to help create jobs and to help middle-class Minnesotans weather this recession: tax cuts for working families, a payroll tax holiday, energy tax credits, and the extension of Recovery Act initiatives that are already making a difference. And a lot of harm would come to working families if unemployment insurance isn’t renewed. So I’m voting for this reluctantly and will continue to fight passionately to get our economic policies on the right track.”

  • J

    Income taxes on the wealthy are the ultimate sin tax-you’re only taxed on what you keep, not what you give. Jesus said it’s hard to get into heaven if you’re rich. He said to be His disciple we should renounce all our possessions. The wealthy are free to earn all they can of course. What they earn is only taxed more if they choose to keep it instead of give it.

    If they choose to keep more than $250,000 for themselves, then they get taxed more. If they make $10 million and give all but $200,000 to charity, what they give isn’t counted as income anyway. They can deduct what they give.

    Just wanted to introduce the thought of taxing excessive income that is kept could be a sin tax…. I don’t know where I fall on this logic..but I think it’s worth debate.