Emmer statement on budget deficit

Republican Tom Emmer declined to talk to reporters today about the recount or the $6.2 billion budget deficit. He later released this statement on the revenue forecast:

“There are positive signs in this forecast: 14,000 new jobs, 5% increase in revenue, no need for additional unallottments or short-term borrowing. What this forecast shows is exactly what we discussed throughout the campaign, we cannot sustain government growth of 27.5%. Government must live within its means and control spending in order to drive Minnesota’s economic engine forward.

“Gov. Pawlenty has relentlessly worked to control growth but was thwarted at every turn by the DFL legislature–a legislature that lost their majority because of their reluctance to make structural changes to our budget and instead simply kicked the can down the road,” said Representative Tom Emmer

  • Mark Lokowich

    What part of ..”we cannot sustain government growth of 27.5%.” ,do some not understand? Either your job allows you to absorb a tax increase or your a vocal Dayton supporter; who is fine “paying more” in taxes.. Is it that your fine with paying more or do you want me too? Because there is NOTHING stopping you from getting out your checkbook right now! Make out the check to the State of Minnesota. The election results show there are enough of you super Minnesotans, to pay for unchecked state government growth