Bachmann won’t commit on tax compromise

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., issued a statement on the tax deal reached by President Obama and GOP congressional leaders.

The statement doesn’t say whether she’ll vote for the plan. Her office says she wants to see a final version of the legislation. But Bachmann does express some concerns about the deal.

She says she would prefer a permanent extension of the tax cuts, but a two year extension will help provide more certainty and will “at least offer a foundation for job creation for the immediate future.”

But Bachmann’s biggest concern is the cost of extending unemployment benefits. Here’s what she says:

“As part of the compromise, the President wants to extend unemployment benefits for another 13 months. Unemployment benefits are already at a historical length of 99 weeks, and the President’s request would push benefits to three years. The President hasn’t indicated any other spending offsets or reductions to pay for these benefits, even though he claims to be committed to reducing the deficit. Our economy doesn’t have a moment to waste and it’s vital that we stop these tax increases now, but we cannot overlook the consequences of another unfunded extension of unemployment benefits. Along with the American people, I anxiously await the final version of the bill that will bring certainly to our nation’s taxpayers.”

  • Becky Carpenter

    Michele says: we cannot overlook the consequences of another unfunded extension of unemployment benefits

    But we can afford the unfunded tax break for the wealthiest which has been shown DOES NOT INCREASE JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Michele – why does anyone who is not wealthy vote for her??????

  • Jane Anderson

    My thought exactly. In fact why does anyone that is not wealthy vote for any Republican is what I’d like to know. Anyone that puts the wealthy first isn’t interested in the middle class. Giving people with wealth more wealth is immoral. They aren’t the ones that put the money back into the economy. It’s just more in the bank for them.

  • Verna LaBounty

    I agree with the comments about Republicans putting the wealthy above the middle class and the poor. In their eyes the rules do not apply to the wealthy. Where are Bachman’s offsets and spending reductions to pay for the the wealthy tax break?