The Daily Digest

Recount Day 1: Democrat Mark Dayton picked up 20 votes. Republican Tom Emmer lost four votes. The news comes at the same time that Emmer’s campaign is challenging three times as many ballots as Dayton’s team. You can see the full results on the Secretary of State’s page.

Renville County isn’t on the SOS page because they reported their figures late. But the County Auditor says Emmer’s team challenged 423 ballots in Renville County alone. 422 of those challenges were deemed frivolous.

Under the Dome

Republican King Banaian won House District 15B after a recount in the St. Cloud district.

Republicans and Democrats started moving into new office space at the State Capitol. The move, which has the GOP moving in to the State Capitol, required professional help to make the move. The DFL will now office in the State Office Building.

MPR takes a look at Public Defender’s day and the fact they have 12 minutes per client.

The state will launch a website to track Legacy Funding.

Several scientists say mining pollution may be harming Minnesota’s Wild Rice crops.


The U.S. tries to contain damage from the leaked documents.

President Obama says he intends to freeze federal worker pay to help curb the federal deficit.

GOP leaders will meet with President Obama today.

Minnesota’s delegation starts lining up behind the medical device industry.

Politics in Minnesota says GOP consultant Jeff Larson cut ties with FLS Connect.

The Christian Broadcasting Network interviews GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann for five fun facts.

GOP Rep.-elect Chip Cravaack says he intends to keep his focus on the PolyMet project.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

In 2008, Gov. Pawlenty granted a pardon to a person who is now accused of sexual assault of a minor. The Star Tribune has the story.

The political markets are betting on South Dakota Senator John Thune at a higher rate than every candidate but Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.

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