The Daily Digest

The recount starts today in Minnesota’s race for governor. MPR says some elections officials are questioning whether the trigger for an automatic recount should be cut in half from a half of a percent to a quarter of a percent.

The Star Tribune says the cost of the 2008 recount was 15 cents a ballot.

The paper also gives a who’s who in the recount.

The Pi Press wonders whether ballot challenge warfare will occur again.

Republican Tom Emmer told the Pi Press that he won’t fight a clear cut recount loss.

Under the Dome

MPR says Northern Minnesota counties are worried about losing court services.

New GOP lawmakers say a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage may be considered this session.

Heating requests are up but funding is in limbo.

The St. Cloud Times says Legacy Amendment funds are hard to track.

The Pi Press profiles House Speaker-elect Kurt Zellers.


Congress tries to finish for the year.

Wikileaks released sensitive cables from the U.S.

The jobless are worried about a cutoff in federal benefits.

Tax break for employer health plans is a target again.

The Star Tribune takes a look at the impact of an earmark ban on Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. GOP Rep. John Kline is featured. He’s imposed a ban on earmarks for several years.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty will light his last Christmas tree as governor.

The New York Times takes a look at the GOP field.

The RNC is spending heavily for the 2012 Convention.

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