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The Digest leads today with something that hasn’t been done in decades. The Medal of Honor was bestowed upon a living Service member. President Obama gave the honor to Army Sergeant Salvatore Giunta.

You should watch the 60 Minutes interview with Giunta here.

Under the Dome

MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton, Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb and the GOP legislative leaders will announce new committee chairs this morning in St. Paul. They will then fly around the state to tout the chairs and the new committee structure. The MNGOP is paying for the trip.

On Tuesday, Republicans in the Minnesota House and the Minnesota Senate have set up a committee structure that has a lot fewer committees than their DFL counterparts.

Here’s the House committee structure.

Here’s the Senate committee structure.

Meanwhile, the House DFL fills out their leadership roster.

The Wall Street Journal says states are giving Washington a lesson in belt tightening. Minnesota is mentioned.

The lone finalist for the U of M job starts his job interview today.

The EPA says there’s too much lead in Eagan’s air.

Parts of the state are running out of water.

A court sides with Xcel over the Prairie Island expansion.


I’m told the MNGOP will file a lawsuit as early as today that involves the gubernatorial election.

Republican Tom Emmer reached a deal over his lawsuit with St. Louis and Pine Counties.

Democrat Mark Dayton picked up five votes on Emmer after Hennepin County did its post election review.

Dayton is scheduled to do several interviews with radio stations across the state today.

He underwent neck surgery last week.

A top RNC aide quit his post and blasts RNC Chair Michael Steele. The aide blames Steele’s lack of fundraising for the potential loss in Minnesota’s governor’s race.


President Obama’s bipartisan meeting on tax cuts has been postponed.

The head of the TSA says airline passengers should submit to screenings or don’t fly.

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel, a Democrat, is found guilty of Ethics violations.

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl undercut a potential vote on a nuclear treaty ratification.

The Pi Press says millions may lose unemployment if an extension isn’t granted.

The foreclosure mess could threaten banks.

The ban on earmarks exposes divisions in both parties.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum defends the process and says she’ll work to protect funding for Central Corridor.

Senators aim to move ahead on the food safety bill. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is mentioned.

GOP Rep. John Kline pledges to check his federal role on education.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann turned down a seat on the Appropriations Committee.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty is in San Diego for RGA meetings. The 2012 contender will be in the company of other possible 2012 contenders.

The Washington Post says GOP governors are looking to rebrand their party.

Gov. Pawlenty meets the turkey on Saturday this year.

Gallup has Pawlenty polling at 4 percent among 2012 hopefuls.

The talk show hosts rank their 2012 picks.

  • Bonnie Lokenvitz


    The loan finalist for the U of M job starts his job interview today.

    Or is this another money issue for MN tax payers?

  • Tom Scheck

    I try my hardest.

  • Chris

    “The Wall Street Journal says states are giving Washington a lesson in belt tightening.”

    Step 1: Get the federal government to pass a large stimulus package including aid to states.

    Step 2: Accept the stimulus funds.

    Step 3: Boast about your great fiscal management and bash the feds for profligacy.