The Daily Digest

Republican Tom Emmer will end his nearly weeklong silence and hold a news conference at 1pm to discuss the race for governor and the expected recount.

He’ll hold the newser just three hours before Democrat Mark Dayton is scheduled to meet with Governor Pawlenty.

Emmer met privately with Pawlenty on Monday. His campaign staff didn’t disclose the meeting to reporters until it was over. He also sent out a fundraising e-mail asking for money to pay for the recount.

Emmer’s attorney says the campaign has given no thought to waiving the recount.

The MNGOP also hired political operative Ben Golnik to head the GOP’s recount efforts.

Dayton announced his transition team on Monday.

Meanwhile Emmer’s personal attorney is asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit against Emmer.

Under the Dome

Speaker-elect Kurt Zellers says he won’t push legislation through until the next governor is seated. His spokesman sent out a clarification saying the statement should be viewed within reason. In other words, Zellers will start passing a budget if a governor isn’t seated in March or April.

A lot of school districts are planning for levy referendums next November.

More Minnesota smokers also use chew or snuff.


The Washington Post says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s leadership run if looking shaky.

Democrats are having a tough time finding someone to head the DSCC.

Several Democrats also say Nancy Pelosi should not run for House Minority Leader.

An indictment says Somali gangs ran a sex ring in three states (including Minnesota).

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Fox News writes about Pawlenty in its 12 in 2012 series.

Ventura for Prez Watch

MinnPost writes that Jesse says he could run. Haven’t we heard that before?

  • Chris

    If Ventura does run, (which I don’t think he will), he might come to miss the local media once the DC political press start covering him as an actual candidate and not just their amusing politically incorrect pet rock.

    On a more serious note, though, the political climate does seem ripe for another Perot-type independent candidate.