Recount in Ramsey “regular”

From MPR’s Madeleine Baran:

In Ramsey County, the second day of the recount ended with 67 new ballot challenges, including 56 from Emmer’s campaign and 11 from Dayton’s.

Some had predicted a flurry of new challenges from Emmer’s team, driven by Ramsey County Election Manager Joe Mansky’s decision not to deem any challenges frivolous. Mansky said Monday that he will send every challenged ballot to the State Canvassing Board.

Instead, the number of ballot challenges was up only slightly over Monday’s figures.

“Maybe the only unusual thing about today was how normal it was and how regular the process was,” Mansky said, speaking after the recount ended Tuesday.

Monday’s recount in Ramsey County yielded 48 ballot challenges from Emmer’s team and 7 from Dayton’s. Mansky attributed some of Tuesday’s slight increase to an earlier start time. Ramsey County started at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, a half hour earlier than Monday, and was able to count about 1,000 more ballots as a result, he said.

He expects the county will finish its recount on Friday.

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