Post election review in Ramsey County shows no change

Local elections officials across the state are conducting post-election reviews to ensure that voting equipment counted accurately on Election Day. Minnesota’s second largest county by population, Ramsey County, reports no changes from their vote totals.

Ramsey County Elections Director Joe Mansky says the county conducted hand recounts of five precincts and found no change from their election night totals. He predicts that means there should be little changes if a statewide recount of the governor’s election continues.

“People were better at completley filling in the target this year,” Mansky said. You may remember that two years ago we were seeing more marks that were not exactly what the voting system was looking for. More marks outside of the target. And just from what we saw from today, we may be seeing a lot less of that this year. That may well be the people paying attention to what was going on two years ago.”

Democrat Mark Dayton currently leads Republican Tom Emmer by nearly 8,800 votes – a small enough margin to trigger an automatic recount.

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