Pawlenty names Sviggum to finance post

Gov. Pawlenty is moving one of his commissioners to fill another cabinet post.

Pawlenty announced today that Steve Sviggum will take over as commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget, effective December 2. Sviggum will succeed Tom Hanson, who’s leaving for a lobbying job.

Sviggum has been commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry since 2007. He also was a former Republican state representative, who served four terms as Speaker of the House.

“Steve has a wealth of government experience that will provide steady leadership at MMB as we conclude our work and prepare to transition to a new administration,” Pawlenty said in a news release.

Deputy Commissioner Cindy Valentine will become temporary commissioner at DLI.

  • Laura

    Looks to me like a solid person is being put in place to keep things going in a Pawlenty administration that will not end on Jan 3rd. The Governor’s office will be in a good position should they need to draft a budget if the Gov’s contest not yet be decided.

  • Jamie

    A SOLID person? Sviggum is nothing but a rabid right-wing politician. He (like many of Pawlenty’s commissioners) didn’t have any experience running an agency like DOLI, and he was not committed to its mission (until he probably changed it to favor big business). And he was another in a long line of Republicans who hate government employees except to the extent that THEY could have government jobs and rake in taxpayers’ money that they don’t deserve.

  • Karl

    Looks to me like Pawlenty just gave Sviggum another bump in his retirement income. When will reporters take a look at how many former low-paid legislators Pawlenty has elevated to top bureaucrat jobs so they can retire comfortably on their top income years rather than their legislative pay years?