Pawlenty is #2 in the power rankings

Pawlenty ranks #2 in the power rankings

The National Journal’s The Hotline is ranking Pawlenty #2 in its rankings of presidential contenders. The Washignton D.C. based publication says Pawlenty is ranked second among the potential candidates in the “strongest position to win the GOP nomination.”

Here’s what “The Hotline” says about Pawlenty:

Like Romney, Pawlenty is acting like a traditional candidate, putting together the staff and resources necessary to jump in with both feet. He’s certainly got the executive experience and conservative credentials, but early reviews of his public appearances make us wonder whether he’s exciting enough to inspire a primary audience. Our burning question: Does “Minnesota Nice” play in presidential primary politics?

This is a double edged sword for Pawlenty. Just like polls that show him in the middle or bottom of the 2012 pack can both help and hurt. They help because he has no where to go but up. His high ranking means in this ranking shows he has little room to grow and could lose critical momentum if he falls a rung or two.

  • hgsongkang

    Tim Pawlenty would have helped the GOP win the gubernatorial race in Minnesota had not abandoned the people and quit the state so as to spend much time campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire for his selfish politcal ambition.

    The taxpayers of MN are paying Pawlenty’s salary so that he can quit on his people to work for free in IA and NH.

    Pawlenty has betrayed and swindled the people of MN by quitting on his post and go AWOL to pursue his self-centered dream.