MN Supreme Court denies Emmer’s petition

It took the Minnesota Supreme Court an hour and a half to issue a ruling. Here’s the ruling.

For those wondering, the recount in Minnesota’s race for governor will still move forward. The State Canvassing Board is scheduled to meet tomorrow to order the recount. The hand recount will start on November 29th. Emmer’s legal team has argued that they will request the State Canvassing Board to match the number of signatures with the number of ballots cast. That was the same argument they made to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Update: Here’s a statement from Dayton’s team:

“We’re very pleased with the prompt decision by the Minnesota Supreme Court. We look forward to tomorrow’s state canvassing board meeting and the certification of the election results, which currently show Mark Dayton with an unofficial 8,770-vote victory in the governor’s race.

“Minnesota’s election went through a thorough process of review, both during the county canvassing and also during the post election reviews – neither of which showed any indication of problems. Again, Minnesota’s elections have a clean bill of health.

“Since it looks likely that the race will go to automatic recount, we are preparing for an orderly recount process that will certify the winner of this election on December 14 and seat a new governor on January 3. We fully expect that Governor to be Mark Dayton.”

Update: Here’s a statement from MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton:

“We appreciate the Minnesota Supreme Court expediting this important matter. While we strongly disagree with the court’s ruling, we look forward to getting the legislatively mandated recount underway starting Monday. We will continue to work to ensure that Minnesota election law is followed, that the most basic right of our election system of one person, one vote is upheld. It is critical that our election laws are followed so that Minnesotans have confidence in the ultimate outcome of this election,”

Update: Here’s the full audio of the hearing:

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