Horner drawing GOP voters away from Emmer

We’re still waiting for Hennepin County to fix some tabulating problems on their website.

Still, the patterns are strong enough to indicate that Independence Party candidate Tom Horner is drawing significant numbers of votes away from Republican Tom Emmer, says the Humphrey Institute’s Larry Jacobs.

Horner support is holding steady at 12% and it looks as if he is holding GOP support. Largest MN county — Hennepin — shows about 51% for Dayton, 35% for Emmer and 12% for Horner.

Emmer support about 5 points lower than Pawlenty in 2006 while Horner is almost 5 points higher than Hutchinson; Dayton’s share is the same.

At this stage, Horner is 8 points ahead of 2006 Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson in key GOP county of Dakota; Emmer’s 45% is trailing Pawlenty share of 52%

We’re making it easy, by the way, to track Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate results.

Stay tuned. And post below and tell us what you’re seeing tonight in your part of Minnesota.

  • Teresa

    I disagree with the headline. I am a republican… and I voted for Horner. My second choice as Dayton. I won’t get into all the reasons why…. but the bottom line is the republicans and democrats need to stop arguing and get something accomplished. Personally I think 10 random people from every state should get selected to pass or fail every bill before it gets signed into law. I am sick of the political games going on and just want some honest work done.

  • Gwen

    You’re “sick of politcal games” and you voted for Horner? You need to study politics more. or better yet, volunteer for a year on any campaign and you’ll learn how what you just wrote and how you voted are diametrically opposed.

  • Teresa

    Hey you Republican Teresa – You didn’t make point by votng Horner. You wasted a vote that belonged to Emmer who is a successful business person and famiy man and a vote for Dayton, who is a failed politician. Dayton doesn’t have an original bone in his body. Get a clue!!