GOP leaders announce committee chairs

A day after unveiling a new streamlined committee structure, incoming Senate GOP Majority Leader Amy Koch and House Speaker-designate Kurt Zellers named the legislators who will chair those revamped committees.

Here’s the list:

Senate committee chairs

Capitol Investment- David Senjem

Finance-Claire Robling

Taxes-Julianne Ortman

Rules-Amy Koch

Agriculture Budget & Policy-Doug Magnus

Commerce & Consumer Protection Budget & Policy-Chris Gerlach

Education Budget & Policy-Gen Olson

Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Budget & Policy-Julie Rosen

Environment & Natural Resources Budget & Policy-Bill Ingebrigtsen

Health & Human Services Budget & Policy-David Hann

Higher Education Budget & Policy-Michelle Fischbach

Jobs and Economic Growth Budget & Policy-Geoff Michel

Local Government & Elections-Ray Vandeveer

Judiciary & Public Safety Budget & Policy-Warren Limmer

State Government Innovation and Veterans Budget & Policy-Mike Parry

Transportation Budget & Policy-Joe Gimse

House committee chairs

Ways & Means-MaryLiz Holberg

Taxes-Greg Davids

Property & Local Tax Division-Linda Runbeck

Education Finance-Pat Garofalo

Education Reform-Sondra Erickson

Health and Human Services Finance-Jim Abeler

Health and Human Services Reform-Steve Gottwalt

Ag & Rural Development Policy & Finance-Rod Hamilton

Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Policy & Finance-Tom Hackbarth

Commerce & Regulatory Reform-Joe Hoppe

Capital Investment-Larry Howes

Public Safety & Crime Prevention Policy & Finance-Tony Cornish

Civil Law-Torrey Westrom

Judiciary Policy & Finance-Steve Smith

Transportation Policy & Finance-Mike Beard

State Government Finance-Denny McNamara

Veterans Services Division-Bruce Anderson

Legacy Funding Division-Dean Urdahl

Government Operations & Elections-Joyce Peppin

Higher Education Policy & Finance-Bud Nornes

Jobs & Economic Development Finance-Bob Gunther

Rules & Legislative Administration-Matt Dean

Ethics-Steve Smith

Redistricting-Sarah Anderson

  • Is this normal for the Speaker to also Chair the Rules Committee ?

    Admittedly, the Speaker generally has the power to dictate to the Rules Committee (as well as influence other committees) but is this excessive … or is this a “cost savings” measure much like having the LtGov also be the Transportation Director ?

  • Chris

    I know that Sertich was Rules Chair at the same time as being Majority Leader. I think Hottinger was Senate Rules Chair at the same time he was Roger Moe’s number 2.

    Putting someone high up in leadership as Rules Chair is pretty common practice, although I don’t know what the history is on the number 1 person taking that position.

  • Pat

    Kurt Zellers is the Speaker. Matt Dean is the Majority Leader

  • Tom Scheck

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The House Majority Leader typically chairs the Rules Committee. The big reason for that is that the Majority Leader sets the schedule for the day and that’s done through the Rules Committee.

    The Senate Majority Leader also chairs the Senate Rules Committee (for the same reason). Another reason is that when a bill misses committee deadline it needs to go through the powerful Rules Committee in order to advance to the House or Senate floor. It’s rarely done.

    Does that help?