GOP adds Magnuson to recount team

Republican Party of Minnesota officials announced today the hiring of former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice and State Canvassing Board member Eric Magnuson as chief litigator for the party and Emmer for Governor.

Magnuson joins a legal team currently headed by Michael Toner. In a news release, state GOP chairman Tony Sutton said he was pleased with the addition.

“Eric is an enormously talented litigator who is independent minded, thoughtful and substantive,” Sutton said. “As a former member of the State Canvassing Board, Eric understands the issues at stake during this process. Eric is a tremendous addition to our legal team, and I know he will do his part to make certain that every legally cast vote is counted.”

  • Tony

    I’m confused. Why would it be ok with Mr. Sutton to have one of the people who “rolled” the Republicans in the Franken/Coleman re-count, working for the Emmer campaign here?