Emmer to hold news conference today

Republican Tom Emmer has scheduled a post-election news conference at 1 pm today at the State Capitol. The news conference will be the first public comments Emmer will make about the expected statewide recount in the governor’s race. Emmer hasn’t addressed the public or held any interviews since Election Night. Democrat Mark Dayton leads Emmer by fewer than 9,000 votes.

The news conference will come just three hours before Democrat Mark Dayton is scheduled to hold a private meeting with Governor Pawlenty. Emmer met privately with Pawlenty on Monday.

Update: MPR News will provide live coverage of Emmer’s news conference.

  • peter hill

    Tom, a belated thank you for your great reporting here, throughout the political season and through the election. Once again, your wide range of issues and sources made this the first and best place to look, every day, for complete political and election coverage.

  • MinnesotaCentral

    Well said, Peter !

    Too many of us forget to acknowledge your great reporting. Thanks.

  • Tom Scheck

    Thank you both for those comments. I appreciate the kind words and the fact that you are both regular readers to the blog.

  • Justin Curious

    Could someone tell me how Emmers gets back and forth into Canada with his multiple DUI convictions?