Emmer surfaces (to ask for money)

Republican Tom Emmer has kept an extremely low profile. He was in Canada over the weekend to watch his son’s hockey game. Reporters were not informed of his meeting today with Gov. Pawlenty until Emmer left the State Capitol. Here’s the two sentence statement that Emmer campaign spokesman Carl Kuhl released about the meeting several hours after it was finished.

“Governor Pawlenty and Tom Emmer had a productive meeting this morning to discuss transition. They were joined by members of the Pawlenty Administration and a senior advisor to Representative Emmer.”

But Emmer’s campaign issued an e-mail to supporters asking for a financial contribution to fund the MNGOP’s recount efforts.

After over 16 months of campaigning, Election Day has now passed. Jacquie and I can’t express enough what an honor and a privilege it has been to run for governor.

We have campaigned on a positive message of government living within its means, lower taxes, and job creation. The response we received has been overwhelming, and we appreciate all the support.

As the certification and potential recount process begins, allow us one last opportunity to thank you for the hard work, dedication, time, treasure and effort you have put into this campaign.

My family and I are blessed to have the support of so many throughout this great state.If you wish to volunteer your time or make a donation to assist the recount efforts, please contact the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Should we prevail, I look forward to the privilege of serving all Minnesotans as we move our great state in a positive direction.

Democrat Mark Dayton is scheduled to meet with Governor Pawlenty tomorrow at 4pm.

  • We have campaigned on a positive message of government living within its means, lower taxes, and job creation …

    Well, then if Mr. Emmer wants to help the taxpayers out then he should carefully evaluate the likelihood of overturning the results and decline the recount. If my memory is correct, the cost for the Senate recount was about $86,000 … and then the court cases started. Since this is well over 8000 votes … not 800 votes, the likelihood is remote.

    Mr. Emmer does not need to be a “job creator” for the counties that would have to waste time redoing another count after already certifying their tallies.

    I would say the same thing to Mr. Dayton if he was on the losing end.

    Yes, David Bly deserves a recount — I think that is in the 31 vote margin … but this is ridiculous.

  • Just Curious

    How does Emmer get back and forth into Canada with his multiple DUI convictions?