Emmer: Follow the law

Republcan Tom Emmer was on KTLK’s Chris Baker show this morning to discuss the recount and his legal push to require local election officials to match up voter rolls with actual ballots. Emmer said local elections officials have not hand counted the number of ballots with the number of signatures on the voter rolls on Election Night.

“They’ve decided not to do this reconciliation process which is this at the end of the night, if you had 100 people sign in to your voter roll and you had 125 ballots, you’re supposed to have 100 ballots so you’re supposed to randomly pull out 25 so you have 100 and 100 so everybody’s vote counts.”

Emmer also said he wants the Statewide Voter Registration System to be updated by December 15th. Local elections officials are required to submit the updated list by that date but can get an extension. For example, the data practices requests and the U.S. Senate recount prompted many to ask for an extension in 2008.

You can listen to the full discussion here.

Emmer is also scheduled to be on MPR’s Morning Edition tomorrow morning.

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