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The polls for governor show the race tightening between Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer. And that has forced the IP’s Tom Horner to go on the attack.

The Minnesota Poll has Dayton with a seven-point lead on Emmer (Horner is at 13%). Rasmussen released a poll on Friday that shows Dayton up three points.

Dayton will hold a farm rally in southeastern Minnesota today.

On Saturday, President Obama campaigned for Democrat Mark Dayton. He and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also raised money for the DCCC.

Gov. Pawlenty will hold campaign rallies in Eagan and Rochester today for Republican Tom Emmer. At an event in St. Louis Park yesterday, Pawlenty said his legacy is in threat if Democrat Mark Dayton wins.

At an event in Woodbury, Emmer went after Dayton’s personal background saying he isn’t what the state needs right now.

Tom Horner went on offense in the latest debate. At last night’s KSTP-TV debate, the IP candidate criticized Republican Tom Emmer of not listening and Democrat Mark Dayton for not being a leader. Horner told reporters after the debate that many Minnesotans were voting out of fear.

The three candidates also discussed education policy at the debate.

MPR takes a look at where the candidates differ on tax policy.

The Pi Press takes a look at how the candidates would balance the state’s budget.

Here’s the audio from Friday’s Rochester debate.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura is backing Horner.

The PoliGraph says Dayton’s property tax claims add up.

Race for Congress

The 4th District and 5th District candidates will appear on MPR’s Midday today at 11am.

Former President Bill Clinton campaigned for Democrat Tarryl Clark on Sunday night.

MPR profiles GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

The Star Tribune endorses Clark.

Bachmann, Clark and the IP’s Bob Anderson all appeared separately on WCCO on Sunday.

Former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson backs DFL Rep. Tim Walz’s campaign in Minnesota’s 1st District.

The Duluth News Tribune backed Republican Chip Cravaack’s campaign over DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar.

Oberstar released an ad ripping Cravaack.

Here’s the audio from Friday night’s 8th District debate from Grand Rapids.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says the federal health care law must move forward.

The Strib endorses GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen’s reelection.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Conservative columnist George Will praised Pawlenty in his latest column.

Gov. Pawlenty used YouTube to welcome President Obama back to Minnesota.

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