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Democrat Mike Ciresi stepped into the race for governor on Monday and backed IP candidate Tom Horner. The attorney, and two-time candidate for the U.S. Senate, decided against backing his DFL foe in 2000. Dayton defeated Ciresi in the Primary in 2000. Ciresi is the first major Democrat to back Horner’s campaign.

Dayton’s running mate, Yvonne Pretter-Solon, says she’s surprised by Ciresi’s decision. She said Dayton held a fundraiser at Ciresi’s firm recently.

Dayton campaigned in northwestern Minnesota.

DNC Chair Tim Kaine will kick off the DFL Party’s GOTV efforts at the U of M.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will campaign with Annette Meeks and Randy Demmer on Saturday in Winona.

There will be other GOP rallies on Saturday to counter President Obama’s visit to Minnesota.

Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar and Republican Chip Cravaack debated the issues in Duluth. It was a lively debate. Listen to it here.

4th District GOP candidate Teresa Collett is airing ads.

2010 Other

The Secretary of State candidates debated the issues on Midday.

Forum Communications takes a look at the candidates running for Attorney General.

Gov. Pawlenty backed Republican AG candidate Chris Barden.

A complaint was filed against a Hastings pastor who backed Emmer from the pulpit.

Here’s a list of the events of the next two weeks.

Under the Dome

Minnesota doctors defend drug payments.


Military recruiters are told to accept gay applicants.

Talks to end the war in Afghanistan involve face to face discussions with the Taliban.

Clarence Thomas’s wife asked Anita Hill for an apology.

Changes to the health care law bring added stress to hospital administrators.

RNC Convention

The remaining members of the RNC 8 plead guilty but won’t get jail time.

Norm for RNC Chair Watch

Roll Call reports that former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman will run to be RNC Chair (subscription required).

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty topped Romney in Iowa donations.

Texas big-wig Bob Perry backed Pawlenty’s Iowa PAC.

Pawlenty was in Florida on Tuesday and he spread some cash around while he was in the state.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    from the link: Pawlenty lauded Barden’s educational background, including an advanced degree from the University of Minnesota, and a degree from Harvard Law School.

    You gotta admire Pawlenty’s total willingness to say whatever gets the job done. Bash the Ivy League Elites all day long at the Tea Party; talk ’em up when they’re your own. No hypocrisy is so steep that our Timmy won’t climb up on it, and call it his own.