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President Obama signed a disaster declaration for 21 counties in southern Minnesota. The move provides disaster assistance to the counties for road and bridge repair, loans for individuals and grants for small businesses.

The move now means Gov. Pawlenty can call a special session so the state can pick up its part of the projected $64 million tab.

Two DFL lawmakers say they’ll push to include anti-bullying legislation in the special session.

Prairie Island clears a hurdle to receive a 20-year extension.

Race for Congress

Politico says DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar collected just one contribution from an 8th District resident between June 22nd and September 30th.

RNC Chair Michael Steele says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is the direction the GOP needs to go.

Bachmann’s record fundraising is raising eyebrows.

The candidates in Minnesota’s 1st are done debating. The final debate was held Wednesday in Rochester.

Walz says he’s confident he’ll win.

The PoliGraph says the dueling 1st District ads fail the truth test.

MPR takes a look at the race in the 7th Congressional District.

The Pi Press takes a look at the race in the 2nd District.

Norm Coleman’s political group, American Action Network, intends to spend $19 million to help elect Republicans. One of the races will be Minnesota’s 1st.

Race for Governor

Democrat Mark Dayton will campaign in northwestern Minnesota.

IP candidate Tom Horner will speak at an environmental debate and will attend the Minnesota Business Partnership reception.

Republican Tom Emmer has no public events.

Emmer sat down for a long ranging interview with AP. He said the public shouldn’t think that he’s a carbon copy of Tim Pawlenty.

MinnPost talks with some of the Republicans who have decided to back IP candidate Tom Horner this year.

Horner campaigned in Mankato and says Emmer’s support has peaked.


DFL Sen. Al Franken asks President Obama not to appeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ruling.

An increased ethanol blend (E15) has been approved.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty is headed to New Hampshire on Sunday.

Pawlenty goes after the D.C. Teacher’s union.

Pawlenty also endorsed in Michigan.

On Fox News, Pawlenty also said he has the chops to win.

Politico says Mitt Romney’s strategy is to go big and go everywhere. Romney will be in Minnesota on Monday.

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