The Daily Digest

Republican Tom Emmer and IP candidate Tom Horner are vying for the GOP base.

Newt Gingrich campaigned for Republican Tom Emmer.

Some former GOP lawmakers endorsed Horner.

Emmer will announce an “endorsement” today at the State Capitol.

Horner will campaign in northwestern Minnesota.

Democrat Mark Dayton will appear on MPR’s Midday at 11.

Emmer, Horner and Dayton all say they support elder care programs.

The PoliGraph says the new MN Forward ad is something to cry about.

2010 Other

The conservative Minnesota Majority will hold a news conference this morning to announce a “program aimed at preventing voter fraud in the 2010 General Election; organizers recruiting army of fraud spotters.”

Race for Congress

Republican Randy Demmer releases his first ad and it goes directly at DFL Rep. Tim Walz.

The NRCC is targeting Walz with what matters in campaigns – money.

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar cries foul over a poll released by his opponent. Side note: Has anyone asked Oberstar’s campaign for their poll data?


The Medal of Honor is posthumously given to a soldier who died in Afghanistan.

Former President Jimmy Carter helped Habitat for Humanity on some Twin Cities projects on Wednesday.

Most health insurers in MN have failed to write individual policies for sick kids despite new federal rules.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty will hold a $10,000 a plate fundraiser for the Republican candidate for governor in Florida on October 19th.

  • Don Mitchel

    Being nothing has happened with national ballast water legislation that rep Oberstar sponsered, since its pasage in the house 395-7 in 2008, it would be correct to assume it was all “bullshit” as rep Oberstar stated. Since none of the politicians in the country will publicly speak to this issue in front of national or state media, perhaps it may be time for “change” A Dec2009 report for congress suggest the cost of foreign imports would rise if national ballast water legislation were enacted. Job creation? globalization?