Rasmussen: Dayton has 3 pt edge on Emmer

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Democrat Mark Dayton with a three point lead over Republican Tom Emmer. Support for IP candidate Tom Horner also appears to be dropping.

Dayton received support from 44 percent of those polled. Emmer received support from 41 percent of those poll. IP candidate Tom Horner received 10 percent support.

The poll surveyed 750 likely voters on October 20th. The margin of error is +/-4%.

The poll also found that Gov. Pawlenty’s approval/disapproval is locked at 49%.

Fifty percent of those polled approve of the job President Obama is doing. 49% disapprove.

Here’s the full poll.

  • Is there a typo in the verbage of Emmer’s number ?

    The Headline is Dayton has a 3 pt edge but the story has Dayton at 44 and Emmer at 43 … shouldn’t that be one point lead ?

    The surprising assessment in the Rasmussen story was :

    ” Dayton is trusted slightly more than Emmer to handle the issues of the economy and jobs, health care and government ethics and corruption. The two major party candidates are almost evenly divided in terms of immigration and government spending. ”

    Considering how hard Emmer is pushing jobs, one would have thought that he would be doing better. Too bad, they did not ask about Education as that has been a main focus of much of the debates and commercials.

    I am surprised by the number of people willing to commit to a candidate today … it appears that only 5% of the voters are undecided.

    The other surprise is that Horner is forecasted to be in the Hutchinson range rather than the Penny range … and remember that Dean Barkley got 16% in the US Senate race …. this does not seem to make sense.

  • tom scheck

    You’re right. It was a typo on my end. Sorry for the mistake.