Police, nurses rip anti-Dayton ad

Some nurses and police officers aren’t pleased that a business-backed group is portraying their professions in a TV ad against DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

The commercial from the group MN Forward features a police officer from an unidentified department named Dave, who says he and his nurse wife would be hit by Dayton’s proposed income tax increase on top earners.

The Minnesota Nurses Association and Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis issued a this joint statement today calling the ad misleading and defending Dayton:

“Nurses and police officers are the heart of the middle class in Minnesota, and we endorsed Mark Dayton for governor because he is the only candidate who will protect them and all middle-class Minnesotans. No matter their spin, Mark’s two opponents cannot hide the fact that they will raise taxes on our members and the middle class by imposing higher regressive sales and property taxes. Mark Dayton is the only candidate who understands that nurses and police officers are at a breaking point and simply cannot pay any more. Mark is the only candidate who won’t make middle-class Minnesotans pick up more of the state’s revenue burden.”

  • Retha Dooley

    Mark Dayton is the only candidate who knows that we need a progressive income tax ; it is the right thing to do!

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Has anyone identified the “sheriff” in the MN Forward ad? Given the Republican predilection for authenticity, isn’t he likely to be as phony as the fake “Minnesota Jim” (actually a California actor named Beau) that Michele Bachmann keeps using.

  • Chad

    How are policemen and nurses the heart of Mn? In order for any of you to function you rely on a truck driver! No matter what your spin! As far as I have been taught, the heart has four chambers. Ignorance of the law is no excuse they say, but to have an ignorant law man speaking out of his ass just to make his profession more noble is another.