Pawlenty says his legacy in threat if Dayton wins

emmer rally.JPG

Gov. Tim Pawlenty hit the campaign trail today for Republican Tom Emmer’s gubernatorial campaign. Pawlenty and Emmer appeared at a GOP Rally today in St. Louis Park.

Pawlenty told the audience that his work to keep taxes low, to improve the state’s education system and his efforts to improve the state’s business climate.

Pawlenty said he thought about a Governor Dayton and told the audience of 200 people “Are you kidding me.”

Both Pawlenty and Emmer used the event as a way to encourage Republicans to turn out the vote by making phone calls on behalf of Republican candidates.

Here’s the audio:

  • Chad

    What legacy? Stiffing the poor on healthcare, unallottment strongarming, and shifting the tax burden to local government. That’s his legacy.

  • Michelle


  • Rudy

    But he will always have “the courage stand”.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The Pawlenty legacy of exploding property taxes, broken school districts, collapsing bridges, massive structural deficits and no new jobs? That legacy? Oh yeah, we want Emmer around to protect that legacy.

  • Joshua Miller

    Good. Then hopefully the rest of the country would never be subjected to the thought of Pawlenty as a serious Republican presidential candidate.

  • Dan Conner

    Legacy, is that what Pawlenty calls it? I thought a more important description is wake of destruction. Minnesota is now an in-the-middle-of-the-pack mediocre state. That’s a crying shame considering Minnesota used to lead the country in education, standard of living and quality of life. I think Pawlenty has led our state into a slide to oblivion. I consider his tenure of Governor to be the worst I can ever remember. Jesse Ventura was a far better Governor.

    I think it is a joke he is considering a run for national office, when he wouldn’t be able to carry Minnesota again. Tim, we met the enemy, and he was you.

  • Josh

    Funny how Emmer is both running to take Minnesota in a new direction and protect T-Paw’s legacy.

  • Greg Salter

    Pawlenty’s legacy at stake? Like a parent’s bills are owed by the surviving children…