NFIB backs Emmer

The Minnesota Chapter of the National Federation of Businesses officially endorsed Republican Tom Emmer’s bid for governor. NFIB state director Mike Hickey says Emmer’s budget plan is the best plan for his 13,000 small business members.

“When you compare the three candidates in the race, Tom Emmer is the clear choice for small business and in our view will be the candidate that will best foster an improved economy and badly needed job growth in Minnesota”

Emmer said he was pleased to receive the endorsement and then targeted his opponents Democrat Mark Dayton and Independence Party candidate Tom Horner. Emmer has pledged to not raise taxes if elected. He said Dayton and Horner would both raise taxes, which in turn, would then limit job growth.

Emmer again criticized Dayton for failing to put together a full budget plan. The centerpiece of Dayton’s budget balancing plan is an income tax hike on Minnesota’s top earners. He also would create a new Twin Cities casino and relies on reducing the state’s private contracts. He said there’s still about a $1 billion budget hole. He said he would find additional spending cuts or delay paying back the $1.4 billion school payment delay.

Emmer said Dayton should outline how he’ll close the gap and he pressed reporters to push him on it.

“He has said he has a plan but he’s not willing to share it,” Emmer said. So clearly, I am to take from that that he’s keeping it a secret other that or he’s saying he doesnt’ have a plan. It’s either one or the other.”

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