KSTP/Survey USA poll: Dayton widens lead

The latest KSTP-TV/Survey USA poll shows Democrat Mark Dayton leading Republican Tom Emmer by five percentage points. Dayton received 42 percent support from those polled. Emmer received 37 percent support. IP candidate Tom Horner received 14 percent support. Seven percent of those polled say they’re undecided. The margin of error is +/-3.7%.

Dayton slightly increased his lead from the Survey USA poll taken in September showed Dayton leading Emmer by two percentage points.

Here’s the link to the latest poll.

  • Billy

    Horner admits he can’t win. From the Mankato Free Press this week: “Upcoming statewide polls need to show Horner with more than 20 percent of the vote so voters aren’t worried about wasting their vote on him, he said.”

  • Chris

    Dayton being 5 points ahead feels about right, based on the extremely unscientific gut instinct method. It’s somewhere in between the Rasmussen and MPR/Strib polls.

    Nevertheless, SUSA called the primary badly wrong, and DFL gubernatorial candidates seem to have this jinx about getting sandbagged in the last week or two before the election. Sometimes it feels like being a Red Sox fan pre-2004.

  • Chris

    Hmm, 61% of Horner voters say they oppose Horner’s tax plan.