Horner goes on offense


KSTP-TV and the League of Women Voters held a live televised debate tonight on the Campus of Metro State University in St. Paul. Democrat Mark Dayton, Republican Tom Emmer and the IP’s Mark Dayton offered their different visions on the state budget, education spending and health care.

The most aggressive candidate was Horner. Part of the reason may be that he appears to be losing steam as Election Day gets closer.

Today’s Minnesota poll showed Horner with 13% support. That’s down from a high of 18%.

Horner took time to criticize Emmer and Dayton with the hopes that he stands out among undecided voters and those who are soft in their support of Emmer and Dayton.

Horner took a shot at Dayton’s record:

“I think if they know anything about you Senator, it’s that in 35 years you’ve never met a promise that you won’t make if it satisfies a special interest group.”

And Emmer for mischaracterizing his positions:

“It’s this listening problem that you have where you pretend that you know more than anybody else and then you talk to the rest of the public as if what you’re saying is the gospel. That’s where you get stuck by putting your stake in the ground and you won’t move. that’s not what we need right now.”

After the debate, Horner said he wasn’t ramping up his criticism too dramatically but indicated that he has serious work to do in the final days of the campaign:

“There are so many Dayton supporters who aren’t enamored with Senator Dayton but are so fearful of a Governor Emmer and there are so many Emmer supporters who are fearful of a Governor Dayton. Those are Horner supporters if I can get them over the fear and get them to vote the future.”

You can listen to the full debate here:

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