Group offers rewards for voter fraud convictions

The coalition of conservative groups planning to dispatch “voter surveillance teams” to polling places on Election Day is now also offering $500 rewards for information leading to voter fraud convictions.

Election Integrity Watch — a joint effort of Minnesota Majority, Minnesota Voters Alliance and the North Star Tea Party Patriots — issued a news release today announcing the bounties.

We are putting a price on the heads of anyone who would attempt to organize people with the intent of cheating in our election,” said Jeff Davis, president of Minnesota Majority. “We’ve received reports of organizers enticing people to vote fraudulently with small financial incentives such as gift cards. We’ve also seen evidence of this illegal practice in the official incident logs from the 2008 election. We will now offer individuals a more lucrative incentive for turning-in these organizers of voter fraud.”

Davis and other members of the group launched their surveillance effort last week.