Group offers rewards for voter fraud convictions

The coalition of conservative groups planning to dispatch “voter surveillance teams” to polling places on Election Day is now also offering $500 rewards for information leading to voter fraud convictions.

Election Integrity Watch — a joint effort of Minnesota Majority, Minnesota Voters Alliance and the North Star Tea Party Patriots — issued a news release today announcing the bounties.

We are putting a price on the heads of anyone who would attempt to organize people with the intent of cheating in our election,” said Jeff Davis, president of Minnesota Majority. “We’ve received reports of organizers enticing people to vote fraudulently with small financial incentives such as gift cards. We’ve also seen evidence of this illegal practice in the official incident logs from the 2008 election. We will now offer individuals a more lucrative incentive for turning-in these organizers of voter fraud.”

Davis and other members of the group launched their surveillance effort last week.

  • Chris

    The reason some ACORN workers turned in phony names is because the organization paid people based on how many signatures they turned in.

    Now the right is adopting ACORN’s method and paying its people based on how many voters they can harass at the polling place. How do you think this is going to turn out?

  • Rob

    “Putting a price on the heads” of people? Gee, what are the odds someone goes all G. Gordon Liddy with that dog whistle?

  • Walter Hudson

    What is so difficult to understand about “information leading to voter fraud convictions.” Where is the “harassment” there?

  • Rich

    The harassment occurs in just the threat of going to court. Few people, but most especially the poor and disadvantaged, have the funds to defend themselves in court, nor do they wish to go through the hassle. So rather than risk incurring that expense, they think, “Forget about it,” and walk away from the polling place without exercising their right of franchise, even though they might have been entitled to vote. Those that are scared away from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote have thus been harassed out of voting..

  • eric ferguson

    They won’t find organized voter fraud for the same reason they’ve never found it before. It doesn’t exist outside their paranoid delusional imaginations.