Emmer: Politics is a “hobby” to Dayton

Republican Tom Emmer was a surprise guest at last night’s “Reclaiming America: The Taking Back Congress Tour.” The event featured GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann (read more about that here) but they also gave Emmer some time to speak.

Emmer suggested the state’s political climate is ripe for Republicans across the country who are pushing limited government

“Do you feel the winds behind us?” Emmer asked. “Do you feel the winds finally starting to push our message for the future?”

Emmer emphasized a familiar campaign theme: Government can’t take care of the citizens. He also criticized “traditional politicians” who are taking care of their careers first. He encouraged the members audience to work to elect him and other Republicans in November.

“You have to let them know that now is the time to grab your piece of the rope and start pulling with everything you have. We have 25 days to finish climbing to the top of this hill and to take back not just Minnesota but our country for the future of our kids.”

Emmer then finished his speech by targeting his Democratic opponent, Mark Dayton.

“He’s running because politics is a hobby for him. He doesn’t experience what you and I have experienced. He hasn’t tried to raise a family under the burdens that government provides.”

Here’s the full speech:

Thanks to MPR’s Annie Baxter for the audio.

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