Emmer pitches budget plan


Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer spoke this morning in Eden Prairie. During his remarks to a joint meeting of the area Chambers of Commerce, Emmer defended his budget plan and criticized the proposals Democrat Mark Dayton Independence Party candidate Tom Horner have put forth.

“I’m a kid from Minnesota. I have Minnesota values,” Emmer said. “When did it become extreme to believe that there’s right and there’s a wrong? When did it become extreme to believe that people should be responsible for their own behavior and that there should be consequences and rewards? When did that become extreme? It’s not. That’s what I believe the majority, the vast majority of people in this state and this country agree with. That is mainstream.”

Emmer also answered a few questions, including one about polls showing him trailing Dayton the governor’s race. Emmer said the only poll that counts will be on Nov. 2.

Following Emmer’s speech in Eden Prairie, he is headed to northwestern Minnesota for a string of appearances.

Here’s the speech:

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