Emmer opens up a new line of attack on Dayton

Republican Tom Emmer was on MPR’s Midday this morning and has opened up a new line of criticism on Democrat Mark Dayton. Emmer said Dayton is withholding details of his budget balancing plan until after the election. He’s also suggesting Dayton’s plan to increase income taxes will be broader than he’s now proposing.

“There aren’t enough details and what Sen. Dayton is now suggesting is that we should all just wait until after the election,” Emmer said. “Much like we’ve been hearing out of Washington, we should wait until after the election, after we pass whatever it is to find out whatever is in it. I think people have to ask these hard questions right now. If your budget is billions of dollars short, how far are you going to go?”

Emmer isn’t the only one suggesting Dayton will hike taxes on all Minnesotans. The corporate backed PAC, Minnesota Forward, is running an ad suggesting Dayton will hike income taxes on everyone/

“Dayton will raise job-killing taxes by $5 billion,” the ad says. “That’s more than $2,300 in new taxes per Minnesota family.”

MN Forward spokesman Brian McClung acknowledged to WCCO that the tax would be “per family” not every family.

Dayton has called for increasing the income tax rate on Minnesota’s top earners — single filers with an after tax income of $130,000 a year and joint filers earning $150,000 a year (after taxes). He also admitted his budget balancing plan is $1 billion short and is looking for additional cuts or revenue to make up the difference.

Dayton spokeswoman Katie Tinucci says it’s unfair for Emmer to suggest Dayton will extend his income tax hike to others. She said he’s never proposed what Emmer is suggesting.

“Mark Dayton has always been honest with Minnesota Voters and he has promised to make taxes fair in Minnesota again,” Tinucci said. “He’s the only candidate who has promised to protect the middle class from carrying a heavier tax burden.”

Tinucci says Emmer’s budget plan would result in higher property taxes because he’s making significant cuts to LGA. She said IP candidate Tom Horner’s proposal to lower the sales tax rate but extend it to services and clothing would unfairly hit lower and middle income Minnesotans.

  • Bill Gleason

    Pitiful for the Emmer campaign to claim that Dayton has a “secret” tax plan when he is about 5/6ths of the way toward a balanced budget… This is not a new line of attack, but yet another blatant attempt to deflect attention from his own lack of specificity as to how he proposes to get us out of the mess – a mess for which his predecessor, Pawlenty, bears a large share of the responsibility.

    What exactly is Emmer going to do? Why doesn’t he put on paper his specific suggestions for five billion dollars in cuts? Perhaps then Dayton could use some of these suggestions to fix up the remaining problems with his plan.

    People who live in glass houses, Mr. Emmer?

  • Dane McLain

    Whats next? Accusation that Dayton is a secret muslim? Republican play dirty man. As a struggling small business owner I’m all for Dayton’s proposed tax increases on the wealthy.

  • davidz

    Tom Emmer knows all about secret plans since he’s been unable to demonstrate how his own public plans would work to balance the budget.

    This is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Colin

    Emmer’s claim requires that Minnesotans are ignorant of how state government works. It doesn’t matter what secret crazy plans Dayton might be hiding. If the plans are so controversial, they won’t make it through the DFL House. Unlike Minnesota House Republicans, DFLers are allowed to have their own opinions on bills without enduring a witch hunt for opposing the governor. Take a look at the Republican Override Six members who overrode Governor Pawlenty’s veto and where they are now. When Emmer was in the House, he actually ran the Republican witch hunts!