Democrats rally on the Iron Range

Roughly 800 people attended a DFL rally in Virginia, MN tonight. The group showed up to see Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Mark Dayton, DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar, state legislators representing the Iron Range and DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar. The event was organized as a Get Out the Vote rally for DFL candidates.

Oberstar, who is engaged in a tough reelection fight with Republican Chip Cravaack, didn’t back away from any of his votes. In fact, he praised the stimulus and said it was a major factor in why the taconite mines on the Iron Range are hiring again. He also repeated his support for Social Security and defended his vote for the health care bill.

“We just passed the biggest health insurance reform in the history of this country in this Congress and we’re not going to let the Republicans take it away from us,” Oberstar shouted.

Dayton told the audience that he’ll work to ensure that the state’s schools are funded and will work to keep college tuition affordable. He said his plan to tax Minnesota’s top earners is better than the sales tax expansion proposed by the Independence Party’s Tom Horner or the cuts Republican Tom Emmer will need to do if he doesn’t raise taxes.

“These are going to be hard times. There’s no easy way to balance a $6 billion deficit. But there are right and wrong ways. There are better and worse ways,” Dayton said.

Both Dayton and Oberstar are relying on heavy turnout in northern Minnesota and the Iron Range. DFL candidates who have not performed well in this part of the state rarely win statewide.

Here’s Oberstar’s speech:

Here’s Dayton’s speech:

  • basia

    The mines were back to full time before the stimulus. I know because I work in one. Diamond Jim left the miners I work with at United Taconite hang out to dry when Cleveland Cliffs took over after the bankruptcy. I work with miners with 30+ years on the job that have lost most of their pensions. The feds say the mine never closes and are not responsible for paying the pensions due. Diamond Jim Obserstar is a hack. He is worth over 8 million dollars! I want to move my 401K to his invesment advisor’s company. Who made him all of that money? Can you do that on a legislators salary? I think not. What is in his freezer. Flat earther? I am sick and tired of redistribution of so called wealth. Get everyone back to work, stop Obamacare, stop supporting ne’er do nothings and let’s get our self-respect back. Vote for Chip!

  • Andy

    How is Chip going to get legislation passed to help 8th district miners? Or is it the obstruction that you want? And now Republicans or deregulation are good for pensions and 401(k) plans? Enron? Derivatives?

    I also don’t see how Rep. Oberstar having a net worth $300,000 would make him more qualified, or less qualified.

  • IUOE Local 49

    Oberstar has forgotten about the Working Class that have supported him for years!

    Jim Oberstar, Global Warming Ghout.

    Oberstar longs for No Flush Toilets, yearns to Adopt Glaciers, and Desires Camels over Cars.

    The GREENIES now Pay Oberstar, Union Workers Burn Fossil Fuel, and are now the Enemy of the DFL!