Bachmann hits “Reclaiming America” event, Clark talks Social Security

GOP U.S. House Rep. Michele Bachmann is speaking tonight at an event called “Reclaiming America: The Taking Back Congress Tour.” It’s at 8 p.m. at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.

The event is sponsored by WWTC AM The Patriot. Bachmann will be joined by broadcasters Hugh Hughett Hewitt, Ed Dennis Prager, and Ed Morissey.

A press release for the event says the following:

The event is a push for local conservatives to gain momentum for the upcoming election on a nation-wide level to “take back Congress”. Similar events are also scheduled for Chicago, Tampa and Denver among others. Topics to be debated include healthcare, taxes, marriage, and a look into local elections like the Governor’s seat.

Bachmann’s spokesman, Sergio Gor, says “the Congresswoman will focus on the importance of the upcoming election, the momentum in favor of Conservatives and what needs to be done if Republicans take over Congress in 2011.”

Bachmann’s DFL opponent for the 6th District House seat, Tarryl Clark, is holding events in St. Cloud, Anoka, and Oak Park Heights to discuss social security with seniors. Clark’s campaign has received an endorsement from the Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare.

  • Zabazoom

    Half of Americans read below an eight grade reading level. Is it any wonder that they don’t understand scientifically proven facts, and are more likely to believe in the fairy tales of the right?

  • Joe Publius

    Two of the names of the “right-wing” idealogues that Annie Baxter mentions in her story are misspelled. It’s Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager. Copy editor anyone?