Bachmann agreeing to three debates

GOP U.S. House Rep. Michele Bachmann is participating in the “At Issue” debate with 6th District candidates at KSTP Studios on October 31st, as well as a debate on MPR’s Midday program October 28th.

More details as they come in.

UPDATE: Bachmann’s camp put out a press release saying they’re doing three debates. The third, in addition to the two listed above, will take place October 26th in St. Cloud and is held by the Chamber Of Commerce there.

Bachmann for Congress spokesman Segio Gor released the following statement regarding debates for the 6th District race.

Congresswoman Bachmann looks forward to debating Tarryl Clark. Voters deserve a clear picture between the two candidates – a taxpayer advocate like Michele who fought against higher taxes and failed bailouts or a spender like Tarryl who never met a tax increase she didn’t support.

He continued:

Congresswoman Bachmann is eager to highlight the vast differences between her and her opponent. Voters deserve a clear picture of the candidates; instead Clark for Congress has only offered gimmicks and rhetoric.

MPR has not yet received confirmation of Tarryl Clark’s participation in the Midday debate.

UPDATE: Clark’s camp has confirmed that they’ll do the Midday debate.

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