Arne Carlson backs Walz

Former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson announced today that he’s backing DFL Rep. Tim Walz’s campaign for Congress. Carlson announced that he believes Walz is better suited to serve Minnesota’s 1st District than Republican challenger Randy Demmer:

“In this election, Tim Walz is the clear choice,” said Carlson in a news release. “I’m continually impressed with Tim’s leadership and his ability to bring people together in southern Minnesota communities. It is clear that people identify with Tim’s experience as a teacher, veteran and football coach and I think that helps them lay aside partisan predispositions and join with Tim to solve problems.”

Republicans have long argued that Carlson has left the Republican Party a long time ago. Carlson says he’s still a Republican.

  • peter hill

    Carlson is the second Republican former elected official of statewide status who has endorsed Tim Walz. Former US Senator David Durenberger endorsed Walz about 5 weeks ago.