The GOP and DFL start peeping at Tom (Horner)

Tom Horner with the Independence Party has been getting plenty of attention lately. In the past two days, the Republican Party of Minnesota and the DFL Party are starting to take aim at Horner.

On Monday, the Republican Party announced it created a website characterizing Horner as a liberal. Phil Krinkie, with The Taxpayers League of Minnesota (which is backing Republican Tom Emmer), wrote an e-mail to supporters suggesting Horner has little chance of winning.

The DFL Party is also starting taking aim at Horner. On Monday, the DFL Party’s Kristin Sosanie sent an e-mail to reporters saying Horner “would rather cut taxes for big business than fund Minnesota’s public schools.”

Today, Sosanie sent an e-mail calling Horner and Republican candidate Tom Emmer as “The Republican Toms”:

The middle class is at the breaking point and simply cannot pay any more. Our public schools cannot afford another four years of misguided Republican policies. Minnesota needs a governor who is fundamentally committed to standing up for the middle class by fighting for regular Minnesotans and supporting education. That’s not Tom Emmer or Tom Horner.

A political insider told me last week that the GOP and DFL won’t start paying attention to Horner until he started polling above 15 percent. A recent Survey USA poll released last showed Horner polling at 18 percent.

  • Clare

    I have voted Independent the past two elections. I am FED UP with both parties, spending like there is no tomorrow. I have worked two/three jobs for the past 40 years to make certain that I woul have something to live on if SS desolves! Now, I am suppose to support all of the people who don’t really care/need to work!!!! BS. Horner seemed to fit my bill, but now I have some doubts about that. Do I have to run (laugh) to get somone conservate? What is wrong with people? Why can’t we get some answers from the candidates; term limits, cost of people/finance of bills are a couple instead of he voted for a jerk in the senate 10 years ago.