Pawlenty says trade trip kept him off straw poll

The Values Voter Summit is underway in Washington D.C.

A long list of well-known conservatives and some GOP presidential hopefuls are speaking there, but Gov. Tim Pawlenty is not among them.

In a telephone conference call from Tokyo Pawlenty called the Values Voter Summit’an “important group,” and noted that he’s addressed the summit before. He said he took his name out of the summit’s presidential straw poll this time because he was unable to be there in person.

“We certainly appreciate the Values Voter Summit, but I wasn’t able to be there because of the trade mission,” he said. “And because I was unable to be there, we didn’t think it would be appropriate to participate otherwise in the event. So it’s fairly straight forward in that regard.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke at the summit today. Bachmann’s name is included in the presidential straw poll.

Update: AP reports that Bachmann requested her name be taken off the straw poll, and she will not be included.

  • Greg K

    Are you sure it’s not because you have as much chance becoming President of the United States as Wile E Coyote did catching the Roadrunner? I bet you impressed those you met by listing your accomplishments as Governor…what were they again?

  • Let me remind you of just a few of Governor Pawlenty’s accomplishments:

    1) signing the executive order 10-13 (Obama trough)

    2) balancing the budget three times without raising taxes

    3) proposing and signing into law benefits for veterans and members of the military

    4) the property tax cap

    5) eliminating the marriage penalty and cutting taxes

    What state are you from Greg?

    Governor Pawlenty has a legitimate business commitment and honorably withdrew his name from the “straw” poll. Tell me again the reason Obama couldn’t speak with our Boy Scouts of America? Something about the “View” – I’m so looking forward to an honorable president again…

  • Ralph Crammedin

    @Merrilee, I’m a life-long Minnesota resident and Governor Bridge Collapse can’t leave town soon enough for me. Let me remind you of a few of his accomplishments:

    1) raiding the Tobacco fund, money that could now be spinning off $100,000,000 a year in state income, except that Governor Collapse blew it as soon as he got into office.

    2) forcing the state budget into chronic deficit and constant crisis for the past 7 years

    3) burning up every other state savings account and rainy day fund we had, in order to pretend he wasn’t raising taxes

    4) shoving real estate taxes through the roof by cutting aid to cities

    5) ramping state college and university tuition through the same roof

    6) squeezing school districts so hard they’re on 4 day weeks because they can’t afford to keep their buildings open

    7) forcing endless program cuts in public schools

    8) screwing Minnesotans out of a billion dollars in federal funds because he thinks it will get him a few votes in the South Carolina Primary

    9) cutting DOT maintenance to the point of collapsing bridges and 10 million potholes

    10) whew! actually, I’m just getting started, but you get the picture.

    This guy has been the worst disaster the State of Minnesota has ever seen. He’s not just our George W Bush, he’s our Katrina. And please, please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me he ducked another poll, in which he would certainly have scored another 5%, because he had a “business commitment”. The country is wise to Tim Pawlenty, for which we can all be thankful.