Emmer says a plan is coming soon

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer says he will begin rolling out a plan next week that should be of interest to small business owners.

Emmer isn’t offering specifics, but he provided a few clues today to state leaders of the National Federation of Independent Business. The NFIB presented Emmer with its Guardian of Small Business Award. During a brief speech to the group, Emmer repeated his pledge to reduce taxes and state regulation. He said his plan is aimed at creating more opportunities for businesses to expand and develop in the coming years.

“It’s not about having no government,” Emmer said. “The idea is not to be the discount stop for business in the United States of America. We have a great state. We need to maintain our quality of life, but we’ve got to start competing again, not only with other states, but the world, in order to keep our business.”

Emmer said he was told that France is currently courting a major Minnesota company. He didn’t name the company during his remarks, and remained closed lipped later when talking to reporters. Emmer also refused to answers questions about his forthcoming plan.

“You’ll see it when do it next week,” Emmer said.

DFLer Mark Dayton and the Independence Party’s Tom Horner have regularly criticized Emmer for not yet releasing a detailed plan for balancing the state budget.

  • Colin

    Did someone point out that France has a 33% corporate tax rate, a 45% payroll tax, an inheritance tax, and a wealth tax? Is Emmer suggesting that we can’t compete with France because our taxes are too high?!